• What is Affiliate Marketing?

    What is Affiliate marketing? Affiliate Marketing is selling products on a commission basis through your website. The products you sell can be your own or a merchant who offers you a commission to advertise its products/services on your site. You as the blogger/webmaster display the merchants advertisement on your site.

    There are three ways to earning your commission through affiliate marketing:

    CPC (Cost-Per-Click)-When a visitor clicks on the merchants adverts on your site, you earn a commission. It is that simple.

    How much you earn is based on numerous factors, however you as the blogger/webmaster is paid because youdisplayed the merchant’s advertisement on your site and a visitor clicked on that ad.

    The visitor is then redirected to the merchant’s site where he or she can read more or purchase the product or service that was advertised. Sites offering Google Adsense and eBay. You can choose a high cpckeywords such as 7 days to die console commands to increase your earnings. 

    CPA (Cost-Per-Action)-Unlike CPC, the visitor to your site must perform an action in the form of a sale or registration or action to get paid a commission to the merchant.

    CPS (Cost-Per-Sale)-When a visitor to your site clicks on the merchant’s advertisement and purchases the service and product advertised, you are paid a commission. Sites offering eBay, Amazon and Clickbank are a few.

    Affiliate Marketing has its benefits for you as the affiliate or merchant. As an Affiliate Marketer,you have no risks. There are no upfront costs and you are paid by the merchant when there is a click/action/sale generated from your site. You can promote your affiliate link on various guest writing for blogs. As a merchant, you’re only distributing the product when there is a sale.

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