• How to increase your chances of finding a job if you have just graduated

    Have you finish university or college? If yes, the next thing is to start looking for job at recruitmentjobs.com.ng. Finishing the studies gives us a feeling of euphoria and expectation, and is the most normal. The feeling of having achieved your diploma should not be underestimated. You have worked hard to get to this point and you can be proud of this step that prepares you for the working world.


    Of course, once the celebration is over, the reality of having to look for a job appears. At the beginning of everything is when most doubts arise about how to face this new challenge. Here you will find some that you have already done.


    • What type of work should I look for?


    • Should I apply to all types of offers?


    • Should I do an internship or look for a full-time job directly?


    • Should I accept the first position offered to me?


    • If I emigrate, will I increase my chances of finding employment?


    Here are several of the steps you can take - before and after your final exams - to significantly increase your chances of success.


    Before graduation

    While you are in college there are a lot of activities that you can do and that will increase your opportunities in the future. In fact, when you are in interviews you will realize that the final grade is only part of your education.


    Being part of the university rugby team may not set foot in your career as a prestigious programmer, but it can provide you with that kind of personal skills that will be so useful for a selection process, it will never hurt to know how Create a good atmosphere with your interviewer. Other activities such as writing for your university newspaper, being a member of the debate team, or any society related to your future will facilitate access to the world of work, in multiple ways (contacts, experience, development of activities, etc.)


    Ideally, do the activities that you like, but that are relevant to your future, as much as possible. If you don't find any club or association related to your future, then look around if you find someone who works in a position that interests you. If you find him, don't be ashamed to ask him for his work experience and for his company - practically all companies have programs and scholarships for people who have not yet finished their studies.


    Instead of spending your relaxing vacation and waiting for the new course that begins, set foot in the working world looking for an internship or some type of work experience to start interacting with the working world. Think that this way you kill two birds with one stone, you force yourself to leave the comfort zone at the same time that you enter the working world in the branch that you like the most. It is complicated, yes, but you will be gaining practical knowledge (which are the most scarce in the study period) and a base of skills acquired by the process of leaving the comfort zone and hustle in a totally unknown world.


    The transoceanic experience is always a plus for companies. Companies also value the experiences you have lived, therefore, traveling and working outside can give your CV a very great value, keep that in mind.


    After graduation

    Whether or not you are already looking for a post-graduate degree, what comes next already depends a lot on your individual situation and the sector you want to focus on, and you will have to make a decision about your future.


    If it helps you choose a profession and is a requirement for “that” specific job then yes, for that. Even so, it may not be the most practical for you, in terms of utility or economic. Look for specific advice, information, train yourself, you just have to find the resources and today you have them at your fingertips.


    Your CV should be a constant, make it clear and concentrate all your achievements and skills related to your sector. If you do not know where to start we also give you tips to write your CV and then impressions to human resources.


    In addition to all this, this is also a perfect time to launch and polish your LinkedIn profile, if you have not already done so. LinkedIn is very different from the rest of social networks, do not forget, the tone of voice must be work, nothing to post photos of breakfast (not Instagram) or the party last weekend (not Facebook). We recommend that you read our post about the 6 most common mistakes in the job search by LinkedIn so you can avoid them.


    Get ready for interviews, and practice, since interviewing skills precisely the good thing they have is that they can be practiced. Focus on safety and public speaking, take every opportunity you have to practice. Apart from answering and speaking, you will also have to learn to ask the right questions in an interview.


    The most important thing is now

    Leaving the university and entering the world of work, it is certainly a substantial change, and one of those that goes

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