• Effective tricks to have a lover without your partner noticing

    There was a time I had a rich sugar mummy to took care of my financial bills while I marry my wife. Being unfaithful occasionally is not the same as having a lover. The first thing is a little canita in the air, a love dive (rather sexual), which occurs with a certain person at a given time. The second is a secret relationship, in which in addition to sex feelings also play. Differentiating between the two cases is crucial, especially when it comes to hiding these meetings from the couple in question. Eye, we do not say that it is well nor do we advocate for it (and we do not think otherwise) but whether you are the one who puts the horns or not, it is important that you read what we have to tell you.

    An infidelity of one night (two, three ...) with different people, it is very easy to hide your better half. You only have to take a shower, watch that nobody has seen you and, if necessary, have an alibi with someone. Imagine that you go to dinner at, say, Valencia, and there you meet an interesting person, sexually at least. And one thing leads to another, giggles, that yes, how fun, that if what a beautiful, that if another glass of wine, that if a little dance ... and when you want to realize, you are between the legs of that being you just of knowing, and you have completely forgotten that you have an alliance in your hand. Well, in that case, if you don't want to confess the infidelity, you just have to tell your boyfriend or girlfriend that "the night went well, a little boring, we had some drinks, honey, you know, the typical thing, I went to sleep Soon to the hotel because, you know, with such bland people there was not much to do, I put up my cell phone until many times and I revealed myself, and of course, that's why I have this tired face ... ", etc. There is no danger. A single tip: don't give many details of your night or be too ambiguous, because they will end up catching you, especially if the cuckold is a woman (we are more intuitive and better grasp nonverbal language).

    Now, if it is a lover, the thing is complicated while it becomes more interesting. A lover is not an occasional encounter in a disco bathroom or in a depressing hotel room. A lover is a person for whom something is felt (love, empathy, affection, closeness, understanding) and with whom they have sexual relations (usually more pleasant than with the formal partner) periodically. It can be once a week, once a month ... but not every day. These meetings, in addition, usually occur during the week.

    1) Be honest with the lover

    If you have to hide things from someone, it is your partner. The best thing is that your lover knows that you have a normal sentimental relationship (by normal we understand formal, conventional) with another person. Otherwise, it could complicate everything even more. Why? Your affair could fall in love with you and try to start a courtship, make plans, call you when you're with your boyfriend or girlfriend ...

    Ideally, you know what the rules of the game are, and if you want to accept them, stay; and if not, bye. "I have a wife, two children, but I like you. If you like single ladies in Nigeria and their phone numbers then you have to be very carefule in your relationship. I want to continue seeing you, you bring me a lot and I have a great time with you. Sex is great. But you have to know that I am not going to leave my family. And it is something you must respect if you want us to continue with this. " It would be like that.

    The other person is free to accept the conditions or not. Everything will be much easier that way, whether you decide to stay with you or not. He will know that you have a life with someone and that you don't want to lose it, but neither does your lover. It's complicated, but it's something that happens. Without going any further, we have a case that has covered the means of the heart during the last month: the eight-year secret relationship between María Lapiedra and Gustavo González.

    If you both agree on the conditions, and you know what your place is in the life of the other, your partner will never have to find out.


    2) Find a lover with a partner

    The perfect thing is that your lover has a formal partner, like you. So both of you will have something valuable to lose if the affair comes to light. The relationship is clearer when you both play under the same rules. In addition, so you will understand each other. If you've never had a lover, you may not know it, but it's hard enough to have two relationships at the same time, loving two people.

    I had to hide the direct phone numbers of sugar mummies away from my wife. One gives you one thing, and the other gives you others. Both are compatible, but you know you cannot choose one. That's why you keep both at the same time. Until the bomb explodes, one way or another: that extramarital relationship will not last forever. In fact, the best thing is that it does not get too long in time or you will end up like Picasso: leaving your partner for your lover, and then leaving your partner-examante again for a new lover, and so on. He who is unfaithful, always is, never forget.


    If you have to hide things from someone, it is your partner. It is best that your lover knows that you have a formal relationship with another person


    3) That they belong to different worlds

    Your lover and your partner should not know each other. It would make everything much more murky. In the end, your lover will become your friend, your confessor, your support, so it is inevitable that you end up talking about your husband or wife, but it is recommended that you do not give too much data. Not because the other is going to go crazy and tell him, but the more you are only two, the better for your relationship and the one you have with other people. Come on, paraphrasing Maluma, so that you are happy all four.


    If they do not know each other, you will avoid awkward situations. It is true that there are individuals like Donald Trump who see a lot of morbidity in fucking the women of their friends, but it is too murky to be kept secret and in time. That will not end well in any way possible.


    4) Beware of pets

    I was very lucky to find this Nigerian dating site with phone numbers. If you do not want to be caught, be very careful if the meetings occur at your lover's house. Why? It is more than likely that in your home there are hairs (no matter how much you clean) and that the pillows, the sofa or the aroma of the apartment in general smell like him or her. Therefore, always check yourself before leaving. And if the above has pets, such as cats or dogs, you have to be even more alert. A friend recently told us that his now ex-wife caught him because one day he came home with the black shirt covered with cat hair. And of course, the excuse of "honey is that the bar has adopted a pussycat" did not sound very credible.

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