• Databases to successfully find work in the United States

    As in other countries, in the United States, employment is frequently obtained through family or friends who put in contact the person interested in working with the employer. In addition, it is common to find work using databases specialized in employment.

    This article reports on reputable databases when using. In addition, it is reported who can legally work in the United States and which companies or institutions have a remarkable record by sponsoring permanent residence cards, also known as green cards , or temporary employment visas for foreign workers.


    What documentation do foreigners require to work legally in the US?

    It is very important to understand that in the United States the options for foreigners to work legally are regulated by law and are basically:

    • Permanent residence, which can be taken out in many ways, including for work sponsorship and in exceptional cases of absolutely brilliant people, they are allowed to sponsor themselves.
    • Visas with which you can work, such as the H, the exchange ones known as J, the O for people with special abilities or others.
    • Visas that do not allow work except in very particular cases , such as the student F-1.
    • Work permits, which should not be confused with work visas.

    10 databases to find work in the US

    The following list includes 10 general databases of interest for those who are looking for visa or green card, as for those who already have documents to work.

    1. Careerjet.com. It allows searching between approximately forty million job offers worldwide, of which about seven million correspond to the United States.

    2. Disney. It offers different jobs in different countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

    3. Higheredjobs.com. More than two thousand universities, almost all of the United States, advertise on this page their job offers for professors both in four-year colleges and in two-year community colleges .

    4. Hispanic-jobs.org. Offer jobs for bilingual English-Spanish people.

    5. iHipo.com. This website allows you to search for international work, including in the United States, for university graduates. In addition, it offers internship programs in companies, both for students and for recent graduates. And in relevant companies such as ABB or Goldman Sachs.

    6. Indeed.com. This is a portal with variations in many countries. The search can be done by company, by place where the job is offered or by the type of job you are looking for.

    7. Jooble.org. A large world map allows you to press on any country marked in green and start the job search. There are various work from home jobs offers in virtually all of Europe, the United States, Canada, Latin America, Australia and much of Asia.

    8. Linkup.com. Here you can look for work and apply directly with the companies that offer employment. In addition, it has its own portals for offers in Canada and the United Kingdom.

    9. United Nations. The UN portal offers all the news in employment in organizations that depend on this institution. To work at the New York headquarters, it should be noted that you could enjoy the G-4 visa, which offers great advantages.

    10. Simplyhired.com . In this database you can search by city, company, profession or categories in which it is not uncommon to hire foreigners in need of visa sponsorship, such as engineering, software or education,  strength and conditioning jobs.

    In addition, all professionals should take into account the LinkedIn social networkwhen looking for work, both to look for companies and to place a professional profile visible to attract potential employers.

    Likewise, it is advisable to verify the opportunities offered by employment databases of specialists for Latinos, such as Latpro, Ihispano or Latinosinhighered, the latter for university jobs.

    Cruises are also a source of employment to be taken into account as they provide employment opportunities to very different job categories and even in the less qualified ones the basic salary is usually higher than the minimum US salary. Several agencies specialize in selecting cruise workers , for whom it would be possible to obtain a C1 / D visa to work.

    Finally, for people who already have roles, they can consider as opportunities the opportunities offered by the Army and also the job offers in the federal government.

    Companies with a record of sponsoring green cards and work visas

    If you are looking for a green card for work, a good place to start the search for a sponsor is to verify the 100 companies that in the last year sponsored more residence cards.

    In addition, there is information on the number of sponsors, average salaries provided and sector. You should keep in mind that most are from the technology sector, but there are many more, including jobs for which you do not need to have university studies, some very well paid.

    As for the sponsors of the H-1B visas, for professionals, these are the 100 companies with the largest number of sponsors. It should be noted that these visas are highly sought after and that, depending on the job, you may have to wait many months to obtain one, or even despite having a sponsor, not obtaining it for not winning the lottery.

    In addition, there are private placement companies that in exchange for a payment are dedicated to finding potential sponsors of this visa for good foreign candidates. Some of them are specialized in certain jobs, for example, Randstad is good for engineers and also entry level mechanical engineering jobs in USA .

    As for the H-2A visas for agriculture and H-2B for temporary non-agricultural jobs, these are recruiters in Mexico for US companies. Before closing an agreement with a recruiter, you should check if you have a good record or if in the past you have treated workers badly or cheated.

    In H-2A visas, the butler, that is, the foreman, is often Mexican or Central American and asks his employer to hire people from his villages or areas year after year.

    Although with the administration of President Donald Trump there has been a cut in the number of O and H-2B visas that are approved each fiscal year, the H-2A have experienced an opposite movement, that is, upward. Thus, in fiscal year 2018, a total of 242,762 agricultural visas were approved according to data from the U.S. Department of Labor, which represents an increase of 146 percent in just eight years.

    As for nurses, there are recruitment agencies specialized in seeking employment for this type of foreign professionals. This is a job always in great demand in the United States and, accordingly, they are well paid.

    Doctors and teachers are also professionals in great demand. Teachers are usually hired with H-1A visas, with the J-1 exchange through authorized or even sponsored agencies for a green card.

    J-1 exchange visas are a very broad category and in many of the programs authorized agencies provide placement services to foreign candidates, such as nannies ( au pairs), support staff for summer camps , work in NGOs from the United States, etc.

    For crew members and other cruise ship employees who are interested in obtaining a C-1 / D visa, companies, can be contacted directly or the search can be made through intermediary agencies, such as Cruisehipjobs or one of these more than 300 recruiters in 65 countries.

    Tips for looking for work in the United States

    The first tip to successfully find work in the United States is to make a good resume or resume , and an excellent cover letter following one of the common models in the United States. It is important that it be in English and without spelling mistakes. If you cannot ttravel to the Unted States, there are so many other online data entry jobs for you.

    It is also very important to customize these documents according to the characteristics of the company to which it is sent. You should not make the mistake of sending it to everyone.

    It is also important to be proactive. That is, search as many companies as possible, see what they are looking for and communicate with them.

    Finally, be very careful and avoid problems with immigration authorities. Each visa is for what it is. For example, a tourist visa is not for full-time study or for work, both one and another action constitute a migratory violation .

    Nor is it correct to enter the United States as a tourist in order to look for work. If at any time an Immigration officer suspects that this has been the case, he will have problems. Another thing is if once here the possibility arises that a company offers a job opportunity.

    The reality of wages

    For those interested, the opportunity to work or emigrate to the United States is a great decision that, in general, compensates for painful situations such as leaving family, friends and country to live in a strange country.

    Among the reasons why those who make the big leap to work in the United States are the best economic and labor conditions. And, of course, that is so. But do not be blind to realities.

    For example, life is more expensive in the United States, so sometimes you do not earn as much as you think as this salary comparison of 8 professions in 8 different countries demonstrates . This is especially true in professions that pay little, such as the minimum wage that may be insufficient in the most expensive cities in the country.

    You also have to keep in mind that federal and state taxes are paid and that the latter vary greatly from state to state and can make a big difference in real income.

    Finally, keep in mind that there have been cases of fraud in job offers to foreign workers, particularly with the different visas of the family of H. In these cases, it is possible to report it.

    This article is merely informative. It is not legal advice for any specific case.


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